Preventative Maintenance

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Learn About Preventative Maintenance

Paying attention to your owner’s manual is key to preventive maintenance and keeping a regular recommended schedule with Nissan of Silsbee. Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, a regular maintenance schedule is important. There are ways you can save serious money on car repairs by actively being aware of what needs to be done and inspected. Feel free to contact your service team at Nissan of Silsbee if you have any questions about vehicle maintenance!


Inspecting your vehicle is simple and easy to do. Giving your vehicle a look over periodically can help catch anything that looks out of the ordinary. Keep reading for some tips that you can use to help maintain your vehicle, save money, and keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely.


  • Ensure your blinker, brake, high beam, low beam, hazards, reverse & interior lights operate fully.


  • Are you checking the tire pressure every month or so? Purchase a cheap air tire gauge to keep in your glove box.
  • Staying on top of tire pressure gets you better gas mileage and prolongs the life of your tires, saving you money in the long run.
  • Listen for odd sounds coming from either inside or outside of the car!
  • Is there enough tread on your tires? Look for wear indicators on the tire treads or certain areas that have more wear compared to the other parts of the tire.


  • If you don’t know how to check your fluids your owner’s manual can provide you step by step instructions. If you want more help, contact Nissan of Silsbee and request an appointment with one of our service techs. They will educate you on how to properly check your fluids.
  • Antifreeze, power steering, coolant and wiper fluids are all great starting points for ensuring your safety and the longevity of your vehicle.


  • You may have heard that you can replace your timing belt and serpentine belt every 60,000 miles and 40,000 miles, respectively. It's best to check your owner's manual, which will list the correct mileage specifically for your vehicle. Your mechanic at Nissan of Silsbee can help you decide when it is best to replace both belts. Not bothering to inspect these belts could cause your vehicle to break down, resulting in costly damage that could've been avoided.


  • Remember to check your oil and get it changed regularly. Regardless of if you have a digital gauge or electronic gauge, you still need to know how to check the oil level using the dipstick. Don't hesitate to contact a service technician at Nissan of Silsbee if you need help checking your vehicle's oil levels.
  • Every vehicle is different regarding how often oil changes are recommended. Your owner's manual should have a suggested schedule, but you can always contact Nissan of Silsbee to ensure you have a preventative maintenance schedule in place.


  • Even though batteries these days don’t require as much maintenance as they used to, it is always good to know the following:
  • • How to check for leaking fluid.

    • How to check for mineral or other buildups on the post of the battery.

    • How to properly clean off any buildups that are found.

  • It is also a good idea to purchase a cheap battery tester, jump starter cables, and a wire brush to have in your car at all times.


  • Don’t wait until you can barely see through your windshield, as this is can be very dangerous! Windshield wipers are inexpensive, easy to install and greatly affect your visibility during inclement weather.
  • Regularly clean the inside and outside of the windshield to further improve your visibility.


  • There are two air filters that can be checked and replaced:
  • Cabin Air Filter – Replacing this filter is very easy and keeps the temperature of your vehicle comfortable.

    Engine Air Filter – This filter may be a little trickier to replace, but don’t worry. The service technicians at Nissan of Silsbee can assist you in purchasing and replacing the filter. Your owner's manual will provide you with the mileage estimate for how frequently you should replace the engine air filter.


  • To make sure your tires wear evenly and your vehicle drives smoothly down the road, you should have them rotated, aligned and balanced about every 6,000 miles. Tires that are unbalanced or worn unevenly can cause issues with driving comfort and gas mileage, so don't forget to have this done when you're getting your oil changed!


  • Check your spark plugs regularly for any buildup or excess wear that can cause your engine to work less efficiently. While it may sound complicated, checking and replacing spark plugs is a fairly simple task that can prevent more expensive issues from occurring. You can also contact the service technicians at Nissan of Silsbee to have spark plugs inspected or replaced.

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