Why Buy Used

2020 Blue Rogue drives on highway road

There are many advantages to buying used and certified pre-owned cars, and it’s not just the price tag! Check out some of these great benefits of choosing a used car over new.


The price to insure a car takes quite a few factors into account but your rate largely depends on how much the car costs and how much it will cost to replace. By buying a used car at a lower price, it will cost less to replace. That turns into a lower insurance rate which means you save money well after you own the car.

Interest Rates

While many dealerships, financial institutions, and manufacturers often run low-interest specials on new cars, the difference often isn’t noticeable. The interest rates on a new car loan compared to a used car loan are usually within one percent of one another.

That doesn’t make much of a difference over the course of the loan. Short term, one percentage point adds a couple of bucks to the monthly payment. That minute amount isn’t usually a problem for most drivers since they’re saving a bundle by buying a used car anyway.


A selection of new vehicles is limited to just a single model year. That can make it difficult to find the car that’s right for you. Used vehicles off a much wider selection, stretching as far back as the roots of the automotive industry.

That opens up a lot of doors when it comes to selecting the perfect make, model, and package for you. It may be a model that’s no longer in production, a brand that’s left the market, or package that’s no longer offered. Getting a used model can ensure that you get the car you want without compromising.


Just because you choose a used car doesn’t mean you have to skimp on necessary safety features. Common safety features like traction control, antilock brakes, and side airbags have been standard features for years. Newer used models might also come stocked with more advanced safety systems, like electronic stability control.

If these benefits resonate well with you, a used car might be the one for you! You can stop by Nissan of Silsbee located in Silsbee, TX and one of our helpful salesmen will help you get in the car you want at the price you want! If you have any questions, call our dealership at 409-299-3221.